Selfie. When was even invented this word and by who?

But most of all, why does it thrill us so much? It makes us stop along the way and makes us take a photo of ourselves doing….nothing. Fortunatelly nowadays cell phones have the inverted camera which makes us look a bit less idiots when we are doing it….or not?!

Such a big phenomenon, from our home toilet to the Oscars, this became a real obsession.

By calling it an obsession I am aware of the fact that I am the first taking photos of myself not less than 10 times a day. Posting not less than 2 selfies a day. 

But why?

When we take a look of ourselves in the mirror not always we get the reflection we would want to. Or maybe for just some seconds. When we take a photo of ourselves we stop and immortalize the exact expression and attitude that we would like to always have.  

The next step is sharing. Sharing with our friends, followers, the image of us that we want to send to the others. And again, why?

Sharing is just the step before our goal: the ‘LIKE’. And here is our answer. We are automatically and instantly gratified by the number of likes that we receive on our photos. It doesn’t matter if you are a stunning sex bomb or a model or a normal person that doesn’t fit in Sports Illustrated beauty standards. You’ll all be there. ‘How many likes did i get?’.

I use this post to apologize to all my facebook and instagram friends for my uncountable selfies that they have to see each day. 🙂 


Kisses, V.



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