Hola hola 🙂 

Long time no see my friends! I hope you all had a great summer and had spent wonderful holidays.

After all the relaxing and the chilling, once again September has arrived. The Fashion month. The January of fashion. It’s all starting. 

Today I want to share with you the biggest trend that is already influencing our daily style and makes us want and need a new clothing item to get together our perfect…70’s look. 

We all know that fashion is a continuous flux of ideas and inspiration that in a necessary way will come back during the years. What we’ve seen in the 70’s we are seeing it now and what we saw in 2000 well….I hope we’ll all get to see it again 🙂 

Starting from fringes, hippie style, bangles, platforms, big hats, that we’ve all worn this summer, the trend is actually at its 360 degrees. Completely. 

Geometry, defined patterns at their best are dominating this fall’s scenery. 

Squares, circles, triangles is all we want and all we need.

My favourite style icon is and has always been Twiggy (together with Brigitte Bardot of course:) ) and I believe she is the one that can make you figure you out what I am talking about.

It’s not just about the clothes. It’s her make up, her personality, her attitude. It’s everything and beyond and we can get faboulous inspiration from her.

In fact, all the biggest fashion maisons have adopted in their collections something that in all ways brings us to Her.

Here below you’ll have my selection. – all the pictures are taken from

Emilio Pucci


Giulietta New York


Jonathan Saunders

Of course there are many more looks that I adore but these are some that reflect at its best the trend.

It’s also about style and make up. You definitely must not forget your black eye liner. I use the one from Mac Cosmetics. And of course, red lips. Red lips are more a reason to wake up in the morning and feel beautiful, rather than a simple trend. You can choose from thousands of nunaces of red. Find the one that matches best with your colours, eyes, skin, hair. 

Edie Sedgwick

Saint Laurent

Today I was wearing a co-ord set in jacquard from Zara.

I wish you all a great start and a wonderful autumn!

Kisses, V. 


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