Furry not furry 


Finally the sun has decided to come out! It’s a beautiful day!

Today I want to show you how I’ve mixed this H&M coat, totally in love with it!

It’s good to know that when you decide to choose a day look and still want to use a masterpiece, like in my case, this big faux coat it’s better to add very low tone pieces in your composition. 

It’s ok to create crazy and extravagant looks, but for the daytime I wouldn’t recommend it. 

I am wearing a simple dark blue wool turtleneck, Zara jeans and shoes and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Remember: also when you are wearing normal furs/faux furs, or crazy, oversized coats it’s better to keep that as the principal subject in your look and search for minimalistic, one colour compositions for the rest of your clothes. The amaze effect is nice, the clown effect is near the corner. 😉

Kisses, V.




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